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Design and production of DN600 ball check valve

Mar. 22, 2024

Our company has successfully designed the mold for the DN600 spherical check valve, and the mold is being produced! This means that our company will be able to produce larger size ball check valves to meet market demand.

Ball check valve is a commonly used valve type with excellent damping performance and sealing performance. The size of DN600 is larger, which puts forward higher requirements for the design and production of valve molds. During the design process, the following points need to be considered:

1. Valve size: DN600 valves are larger in size, so when designing the mold, it is necessary to ensure that the size and shape of the mold can meet the production needs of large-size valves.

2. Ball design: The ball of the spherical check valve is a rubber-covered rolling ball. The characteristics of the rubber material need to be taken into consideration in the mold design to ensure the quality and performance of the ball.

3. Valve sealing performance: In order to ensure the sealing performance of the valve, the sealing area between the ball and the valve body needs to be designed more precisely. At the same time, the manufacturing accuracy of the mold also needs to be guaranteed.

Design and production of DN600 ball check valve

4. Mold material: In order to ensure the durability and stability of the mold, our company chooses aluminum alloy material to make the mold.

5. Production process: In the process of making molds, we use advanced processes such as CNC machining and precision casting to ensure the accuracy and quality of the molds.

6. Quality inspection: After the mold is completed, our company will conduct strict quality inspection to ensure that the quality of the mold meets production requirements.

The mold will be completed on April 10, and the finished DN600 ball check valve will be delivered according to the order in May.

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