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Definitely headed for success

Mar. 29, 2024

The energy crisis, supply chain concerns, competitive pressure, sustainability, and a developing labor shortage are just a few of the numerous issues facing the valve business today. Effective solutions are needed quickly. However, there is a practical method that uses automation to assist make these obstacles easier to overcome. Successful automatically: this might work, especially in the modern day.

definitely headed for success — an increasing number of businesses are depending on this: According to a report, new technologies and vendors will continue to increase the automation of industrial production. As a result, the industrial automation market is expected to expand by nearly 4% year and reach over US$ 115 billion by 2025.

Higher-producing procedures
Industry suppliers are likewise using automation more and more to streamline their internal operations. In the assembly department, simple and repetitive tasks will now be handled by collaborative robots, or cobots. This will free up staff time and reduce lead times.

Digitalization as a revolutionary
Digitalization is thought to have revolutionized automation. It gives significant momentum. Thus, the relevance of data can be applied to predictive maintenance or production monitoring, depending on the objective.

Profiles of sensors and actuators
Automation is evolving to new heights thanks to digitalization.

Project automation
Numerous initiatives attest to the fact that automation is more in demand than ever.

Outstanding potential for savings
But the sector is already anticipating the next big step forward: the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Proactive AI maintenance can result in a 20 percent increase in plant utilization. Furthermore, a systematic collaboration between workers and robots will enable a 20% increase in the productivity of individual work tasks. Reducing waste by up to thirty percent is feasible in some places.

Because of this, automation stands to benefit greatly from digitalization and artificial intelligence, but there is also a pressing need to catch up. Thus, being receptive to technology may prove to be a winning formula for businesses attempting to overcome present obstacles.

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